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Media gallery

A media gallery is a container that enables users to browse through media contents as well as showcases the currently selected item in the media list. It should be used in conjunction with the inline video player to create a “video channel” for a group of related videos.


Best practices

Items in a media gallery play sequentially in the inline video-player. On mobile, media items may open in the native player or viewer. While media gallery also supports the use of short video clips as thumbnails, it is not recommended to use longer videos for this purpose.


  • Use media gallery in conjunction with video player for channel-type scenarios.


  • Use media gallery as a standalone module. Instead, consider using content placement when the intention is to direct users to a different page or to invoke the video player lightbox.
  • Use the autoplay option on the gallery view. This should be controlled through the video-player.

Also known as

Video gallery
Media channel




  • Schema definition: The media-gallery schema defines the acceptable configurations, requirements, and options for each module.

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