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Presenting Microsoft on the web

We believe the Microsoft story shines through at every interaction between us and our customers. Each website showcases our values, style and culture along with every product or service. With MWF, we are always aligned on how we tell that story through Microsoft Design. So our sites continually evolve and grow as we find new ways to excite and inspire our customers.

Woven into every MWF site

Consistency interaction animation


Consistent patterns, styles and behavior throughout our universe of pages and parts. We have a wide and diverse range of storytelling and purposes for each of our sites, yet they all feel like a family of sites across Microsoft.

Responsive interaction animation

Responsive designs

Every site is optimized for any viewport or device. Each of our components and modules is built with a wide range of screen sizes in mind. From small mobile phones to large studio displays, our adaptive story ensures an optimal experience for our sites  on any screen.

Accessibility interaction animation


MWF is optimized for screen readers and other technologies that enable users to browse and interact with our websites. Our components and modules are built according to W3C standards for accessibility for standards such as contrast ratios and navigation.

Latest updates interaction animation

Latest updates

We recognize that relevancy is a moving target. To stay sharp on the edge of engagement with our users, our framework is continually evaluated and challenged to improve. We work closely with our partners to ensure that the latest components and modules reflect their needs, and are aligned with the latest from Microsoft Design.

Performance interaction animation


For our customers, the difference between a site and experience that feels fast and one that is unbearably slow can often come down to milliseconds. MWF aims to have a light footprint in code and structure in order to avoid bloat and redundancy, without sacrificing capabilities and features.