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Microsoft Web Framework is not your ordinary framework.

It's a design system based on Microsoft's Design Language created to enable and deliver a consistent look and feel across thousands of Microsoft websites in 194 different countries, 15 regions, cross-browser compatible, and 6 responsive viewports from mobile to large screen projections.

Fluid, adaptive, and alive. Websites built with MWF always reflect the latest design changes with very little developer intervention.

Leveraging the raw power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript the complete experience runs on any backend and is delivered over CDN (Content Deliver Network) with new builds released monthly.

It's as simple as linking to the correct CSS and JavaScript followed by copying HTML markup of modules and components into a straight forward page structure with a very small but powerful responsive grid. You literatally, can create beautiful pages in under 5 minutes.


Web standards and best practices

Progressively enhanced, It's been designed and built according to modern web standards and best practices. Mobile first and responsively designed across 6 viewports, backward compatible to IE8, highly tuned, and optimized for performance.


The same thoughtful care and consideration has been put into creating semantically meaningful HTML. This markup we consider our "contract" where we promise to ensure backward compatibility as the design system evolves over time.


From the ground up Microsoft has devoted thousands of hours constructing an accessible modern web framework for users of all abilities. Every component and module have been thoroughly tested by internal and external accessibility experts to meet Microsoft Accessibility Standards including WCAG 2.0AA. Sites built on pure MWF are capable of delivering Grade B user experiences. Dedicated and driven to be the best ensures every new component or module receives the same scrutiny.


Components and modules automatically include microdata when appropriate as part of their HTML structure to make the content machine readable for search engines and web crawlers.


Complete international support across 194 countries and 15 regions.

Experience the Microsoft Web Framework