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We have worked hard to deliver an enterprise level web framework that demonstrates the latest industry best practices, standards, and accessible to user's of all abilities.

Core attributes

  • Well formed, performant, and scalable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding practices.
  • WCAG2.0 AA, Section 508, and Microsoft Accessibility Standard compliance of Grade C enabling sites owners Grade B or higher.
  • Tuned HTML with machine-readable microdata schemas supporting structured data standards from
  • Best practices for building search engine optimized websites.
  • Internationalized HTML & CSS for over 194 world markets and 15 regions.


Sometimes performance is discussed in milliseconds, kilobytes, and number of requests. Most importantly, performance is about the user's perception and how time is managed in the user experience.

That said, we still sweat the numbers; our CSS framework comes in many different bundles all highly optimized.

Progressive enhancement

We work to minimize barriers of entry as a foundation of inclusive design for all users.

  • Don't make assumptions about the user.
    There are many ways that users experience our products. They can be on a phone, screen reader, or text-only browser. Maybe half of the page resources load, a CDN is down, or a user disabled their JavaScript. We know little about the user. As a company with billions of users, even a small percentage of bad experiences is still a lot of people.
  • Deliver a product that works for the most limited platform.
    By limiting ourselves and designing for the most basic experiences first, it allows us to build up from a solid foundation of a usable experience.
  • Design for mobile first.
    By understanding the absolute minimum viable product for users of the smallest screen sizes we allow features to progressively be enhanced as screen sizes increase.

Browser Support

Browser Edge IE11 IE10 IE9 IE8 Chrome Safari Firefox Opera
MWF T1 T1 T1 T2 T3 T1 T1 T1 No
Tier 1 (T1)
  • All functional support
  • Fully responsive / adaptive
  • Full match with the best-case design expectation
  • For non-IE browsers, support is current version minus 1
Tier 2 (T2)
  • All core functionality supported
  • Design adaptations to accommodate browser limitations as approved by MWF team
Tier 3 (T3)
  • Only supports the following and may not support all features of all modules.
    • Modules: Hero, Heading, Rich heading, Area heading, Content placement, Product placement, Additional information, Feature, Search results, Skip to main, Track list, Search help.
    • Components: Action menu, Drawer, Heading, Image, In-page navigation, Paragraph, Table
  • No design changes except to address issues that impact core functionality
  • Not responsive / adaptive


We have intentionally limited our dependencies to create a loosely coupled architecture whereby we can easily upgrade, change, or remove dependencies as needed. The Internet moves extremely fast it's only prudent that if a better technology or implementation surfaces we should be hot swappable ready to upgrade without customer impact.

  • Normalize.css a modern html5 ready alternative to CSS resets.
  • Modernizr a browser feature detection library.
  • Picturefill controls responsive images based on a variety of screen sizes, viewports, size, resolutions, and more.