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Localized across 194 countries and 15 regions. Each region includes different fonts character sets including fallbacks fonts for different browsers to ensure great readability for all users.

Setting language and local

Documents should set the dir attribute on the document root. Additionally, if direction changes within the document, the bdo element should be used with the dir attribute.

<html dir="rtl"> ... <bdo dir="ltr"> ... </bdo> </html>

Documents should set the lang attribute on the document root. Language codes should also be set within documents if that section of the document is in a different language than the root.

<html lang="en-US"> ... <section lang="ja-JP"> ... </section> </html>

Including MWF styles

Our CDN includes style sheets optimized for each region and ready for use. Simply include the link reference in the <head> of your HTML document.

Each local is pre-processed for RTL (right to left) or LTR (left to right) HTML elements. For example, margin, padding, float, left, right, text-align, border-radius, background positions, box shadows and transformation rotated.

Supported Regions

The following font character sets are available:

  • Arabic
  • Armenian
  • Hebrew
  • Chinese simplified
  • Chinese traditional
  • Cyrillic
  • East European
  • Georgian
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • West European

Localization Mappings

Our mapping file is kept up-to-date and hosted on CDN. See the manifest file for the latest localization list.

 "rtl": {
     "arabic": [
     "hebrew": [
 "ltr": {
     "chinese-simplified": [
     "chinese-traditional": [
     "cyrillic": [
     "east-european": [
     "greek": [
     "indian": [
     "japanese": [
     "korean": [
     "thai": [
     "vietnamese": [
     "west-european": [