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HTML text formatting

The standard HTML elements, such as bold, italic, and code have special MWF styling applied. A complete list with examples can be found below.


Generic attention <b>

Showing generic attention inline.

Emphasized <em>

Showing em inline.

Alternate voice <i>

Showing alternate voice inline.

Marked <mark>

Showing marked inline.

Strong <strong>

Showing strong inline.

Reference & Definition

Abbreviation <abbr>

Showing abbr inline.

Annotation <u>

Showing annotation inline.

Citation <cite>

Showing citation inline.

Definition <dfn>

Showing definition inline.

Quotation <q>

Showing quotation inline.

Small <small>

Showing small inline.

Subscript <sub>

Showing subscript inline.

Superscript <sup>

Showing superscript inline.


Deleted <del>

Showing deleted inline.

Insert <ins>

Showing insert inline.

Strikethrough <s>

Showing strikethrough inline.

Code and I/O

Code <code>

Showing code inline.

Sample output <samp>

Showing sample output inline.

User input <kbd>

Showing user input inline.

Variable <var>

Showing variable inline.


Bi-directional override <bdo>

Showing bi-directional override inline.


Date & time <time>

Showing inline.